About us

JustPlayNow.org is a project of the California Women’s Law Center to stop gender discrimination in high school sports. JustPlayNow.org provides information and tools to students, parents and coaches to ensure that their high school is providing fair athletic opportunities to girls.

Since Title IX was enacted in 1972, federal law has required schools that receive federal funds to treat boys and girls who play sports equally.  Through the years, the overwhelming focus on Title IX compliance has been at the college and university level. High schools have been routinely ignored and discrimination against girls in high school sports programs has continued to flourish.

The California Women’s Law Center fights discrimination against girls in sports at the high school level and is the primary resource center in California for girls, parents, coaches, school officials, advocates, and policymakers seeking help in combating gender discrimination in sports.

The California Women’s Law Center works to ensure that life opportunities for women and girls are free from unjust social, economic, and political constraints.  Founded in 1989, the California Women’s Law Center is among the nation’s foremost law and policy centers focusing on the comprehensive civil rights of women and girls.

Please contact us at (323) 951-1041 or email us.

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