The girls’ locker room is inadequate compared to the boys’. Does that violate Title IX?

“I am the coach of a girls team at a high school in Michigan. Our girls locker room is inadequate compared with the boys. In addition the girls get kicked out of their locker room when visiting boys football and basketball teams are at the school. The boys are never removed from their locker room to accomodate visiting girls teams. These teams are directed to bathrooms to change in. Is this a violation of title IX.

I know you are in California…..just looking for a way to kick start a complaint!

Thanks for any advice you may be able to provide.”


Since Title IX is federal law, we are happy to answer questions from Michigan or other states.  It may very well be a violation of Title IX if the girls’ locker rooms at your school are inadequate compared to the boys’.   Title IX requires schools to provide girls’ and boys’ teams facilities that are of equal quality and suitability.  This means that the boys and girls should have access to locker rooms that are of equivalent in size and condition.  If male athletes are provided with lockers that are large enough to accommodate their equipment, then female athletes must be provided with similarly-sized lockers. If the bathrooms and showers are well-maintained in the boys’ locker room, then they must be comparably maintained in the girls’ locker room.

Likewise, other arrangements should be made for visiting boys’ teams so that the girls have access to their own locker room during practices and games.

Check out the “What can I do?” section of the website for a step-by-step guide to solving this Title IX issue.

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