Equipment and supplies

Title IX requires that both girls’ and boys’ programs receive the same level of services, facilities, and supplies. Such factors as equipment quality, quantity, suitability, availability, maintenance, and replacement should be considered when evaluating a school’s athletic program. In general, equipment and supplies include (but are not limited to):

  • Uniforms and apparel such as game and practice uniforms, shoes, and warm-up suits

Example: If apparel is provided for all male teams but for no female teams, the school is in violation of Title IX. If the school provides higher quality uniforms and/or replaces them more often for male teams than for female teams, the school is in violation of Title IX. However, it is not a violation of Title IX if the boys’ wrestling uniforms happen to cost more than the girls’ swimming uniforms; such sport-specific differences in cost are allowable as long as the uniforms are of the same quality and are replaced with the same frequency.

  • Sport-specific equipment and supplies such as bats, sticks, rackets, gloves, and balls
  • Instructional devices such as pitching machines for softball or baseball and ball feeders for tennis
  • Conditioning and weight training equipment

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