Under Title IX, schools are obligated to devote the same amount of publicity to both girls’ and boys’ sports. However, many schools promote boys’ athletic events much more than girls’ events. Examples of publicity include:

  • School newspaper articles
  • Pep rallies
  • Cheerleaders, drill teams, pep bands, etc.
  • Yearbook coverage
  • Public address announcements
  • Bulletin boards
  • Website announcements
  • School calendars
  • Athletic awards and recognition

If varsity cheerleaders perform at boys’ games, they should also perform at girls’ games. If the school has a homecoming rally for the football team, it should have a similar rally for a girls’ team or include girls’ teams in the same rally. It is very important to emphasize girls’ sports because there is a long-standing tradition of favoring male teams. Publicizing girls’ sports can help eliminate the stereotype that boys’ sports are more important, and it can also help boost girls’ confidence in themselves. Publicity can also help draw more spectators to girls’ sports.

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