Travel and related expenses

Sports teams often travel to a game, match, or competition. For teams traveling similar distances, transportation of the same quality should be provided. Nondiscriminatory differences such as team size may account for disparities in the mode of transportation used by teams traveling the same distances. However, a school should not favor boys’ teams over girls’ teams by providing boys’ teams with better transportation.

Example: A school violates Title IX if it provides an air-conditioned chartered bus to transport the football team to the playoffs, but only provides a yellow school bus to transport the girls’ basketball team to the playoffs.

If the school pays to house teams in hotels for out-of-town competitions, it should provide the same quality accommodations for both male and female teams. Boys should not sleep two to a room while girls are required to sleep four to a similarly-sized room. Also, if any money is provided for meals, the amount should be the same for males and females. Factors to consider in assessing compliance are:

  • Method of transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Length of stay before and after competitive events
  • Daily dining allowances

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