Access to tutoring

If a school provides tutoring assistance for athletes, it must do so equally for male and female athletes who desire such academic assistance. Tutoring conditions should be the same for both girls and boys. Factors to consider include:

  • Qualifications of tutors
  • Amount of time tutors are available
  • Compensation of tutors
  • Process or criteria for requesting a tutor
  • Number of student athletes tutored (per session, per term)
  • Availability of facilities and materials for tutoring
  • Other terms and conditions of employment

Example: If the school provides tutors for male student athletes, it must also do so for female athletes. Tutors for male and female teams should be equally qualified and have access to similar equipment and resources (such as computers). Additionally, tutors for males and females should receive equal compensation (if any). Male athletes should not be provided private tutoring sessions while female athletes are provided group tutoring sessions.

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