JustPlayNow.org Introduction

Welcome to JustPlayNow.org, a project of the California Women’s Law Center to stop gender discrimination in high school sports.

Even 38 years after gender discrimination in public schools was outlawed, high school girls still do not have the same chances as boys to thrive in sports.  Schools continue to provide boys with more opportunities to play sports, with better facilities, coaching, games and practice times, uniforms, equipment and other treatment and benefits than they provide to girls.

This is unfair and against the law.

JustPlayNow.org has lots of great tools that can help you to pursue athletic equity at your school. You can be the judge of equity in your school’s athletic programs and can use a toolkit to ensure that girls’ are provided fair and equitable athletic opportunities.

Speak up if your school’s athletic programs are not equitable and to empower others as well.  You can help to make sure your school treats girls fairly and complies with the law