CWLC success stories

Your Rights

If you have been putting up with not having certain things that the boys’ teams have, then your school may be in violation of Title IX. There are two big questions under Title IX:

  1. Do girls have equal opportunity to play sports as boys?
  2. Do female athletes receive equal treatment and benefits as male athletes?

Do Something

What does this mean for you? If you suspect that something is wrong, then it probably is. Take the school fairness test and see if your school is unfair to girls’ sports.

Demand that your school stop discriminating against girls’ sports. Speak up, whether to your coach, your peers, your parents, your Principal, or the California Women’s Law Center, and you can change things at your school.

Success Stories

Girls who speak up and demand fair treatment, can change their schools forever. Here are true stories about girls’ and their families who brought fairness to the athletic programs at their schools:

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